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Our trimming machines for the horticulture industry

Lightweight, petrol driven trimming solutions for the horticulture industry offering unparalleled trimming performance and extreme durability. The integrated powerful blower ensures that all trimmings are collected in a bag or box. The EazyCut can be offered handheld or frame integrated.
light weight pruning machine
Compact, electrical driven trimming solutions offering perfect trimming results: thanks to the strong, integrated ventilator, all trimmings are being lifted up before trimming, sucked up, and collected in a bin. The Venti system can be applied to different trimming solutions.
Electric pruning machines
Intelligent and versatile form trimming solutions, using the unique and modular RAP cutting circle, where up to 6 cutting elements of 8 or 10 cms are combined to offer the perfect trimming shape.

We offer both mobile field trimmers and belt integrated systems.
formtrimming machines

Our application fields

Pruning systems for nurseries

Trimming systems
for nurseries

shrub trimming

Collection of cuttings
for propagation

harvesting herbs

harvesting solutions

harvest lavender

harvesting specials


Form trimming
in the field

Prune in the pot

High speed
of small pots

Big pot trimming

Flexible for
bigger pots

shape pruning machine for gardener

For landscaping
& gardeners

Our trimming solutions


General information

We offer a dedicated portfolio of trimmingsfor the horticulture industry, for pot plants, trays and for in the field. What makes us unique is the fact that all our models have an integrated system for collection of the cuttings!

Form Trimming

General information

Shape your plant in a perfect form on the field or in their pots. Cost effective, flexible form trimmer which can be adjusted to the right size within seconds! We have different models available, each suited for a specific situation.

Our Sparepart shop

Easy ordering of spareparts for EasyCut, Rap and Lanz machines
Visit us in
on IPM – Essen

28-01-2025 - 31-01-2025
Stand 3E70

Only on the IPM we display the complete assortment of trimming machines: EazyCut, Venti trimmers and the Rap formtrimmer.
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