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Trimming Solutions

Venti trimming solutions

The Venti trimmers have an integrated vacuum system which lift up the branches before trimming, thus giving a perfect trimming result!

Our machines

Venti Electric trimming machine for pots and trays

Venti V003 (Silent)/004

Trimming machine for pots and trays
Compact model for use inside and outside. Perfect cutting with high vacuum gives you 100% collection of the cuttings.

More Venti V003/v004
Trimming pots and trays on the field

Venti V005

Combination trimming machine for pots and trays
Good vacuum and cutting can be used for trays and also on the field with this combi-machine.

More Venti v005
table pruning machine with extraction

Venti V006 Table

Trimming machine
for tables
Wide trimming machine for tables with a high vacuum. Multiple versions are possible s

More Venti V006
transportable trimming machine

Venti V008

Trimming machine
on wheeled frame
Tailor made frame with a vacuum box and cutting device. Available for every situation.

More Venti V008
venti pruning machine for pots trays

Venti SBO 50/70

Trimming machine in different sizes for beds, pots and trays
Silent vacuum and a big collecting box. Can be made in different sizes. Light weight so easy to lift.

More Venti SBO 50/70
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