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Pruning equipment for harvesting of
flowers, plants & herbs

The EazyCut is the perfect solution for the pruning and harvesting of flowers, plants and herbs. The EazyCut combines a competitive price with high savings on labour costs.

Our EazyCut models

EazyCut 400 hand trim machine

EazyCut 400

Handheld trimming machine
Light weight and perfect cutting / collecting. Can be used by one person.

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EazyCut 600 tray trimmer in frame

EazyCut 600

Lowest cost trimming system for pots and trays. Compact and easy to mount on a frame.

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Portable EazyCut 600 Pruning machine on backpack

EazyCut 600

Light & flexible trimming machine for every terrain with engine on backpack.

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EazyCut 1200/1600 machine for trimming and harvesting

EazyCut 1201/1601

Handheld trimming machine
Wider cutting system and perfect collecting. Easy to use by 2 or 3 persons.

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Trimming machine for lavender or tea

EazyCurve series

Lavendel Trimming & Harvest
Unique self-sharpening knives and available in light or strong curve. Developed for Lavender and Tea.

More EazyCut Curved
harvesting lettuce

EazyFrame series

Wheeled frame trimming machine
All 1201 and 1601 EazyCut models can be placed in a wheeled frame for easy operating.

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Trimming herbs and lettuce

EazyTable series

Small wheeled frame trimming machine
Table trimming with 2 persons becomes an easy job! Fit for all 1201 and 1601 EazyCut models.

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electric harvesting lettuce and herbs


Handheld trimming machine
Reduce noise and exhaust gases. Quick recharging enables continuity.

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History EazyCut

EazyCut used to be SuperCut
Learn more about our history?
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