Form Trimming systems

Our Form Trimming Technology

Our range of form trimmers ranges from low cost, flexible field trimmers up to high capacity system integrated solutions, with capacity of over 4.000 pots/hour.
form trimming in the field

Form trimming
in the field


trimming in pot machine

High speed
belt integrated


Big pot trimming

Flexible for
bigger pots


Shape pruning machine for gardeners

For landscaping
& gardeners


Field Systems

Easy to use form trimmers with quick adjustment fine trimming knives.
RAP 10

Our smallest model, but ready for the job!

More RAP 10

Rap 205

Suitable for almost every nursery.

More RAP 205

 Rap 206

Especially developed for the trimming of cones on stem.

More RAP 206
RAP 10 form trimming machine

RAP 10

RAP 205 formtrimmer

RAP 205

RAP 206 formtrimmer

RAP 206

Mobile Pot Systems

Systems for round & pyramid shape, with integrated buffer system as option.

Half Automated

Perfect for smaller numbers of larger pot sizes.

More Half Automated

Belt Integrated

Higher labour efficiency, suitable for medium/large pot sizes.

More Belt Integrated

LANZ Single/Double Mobile form trimming system

LANZ Single/Double

RAP XRL  Mobile form pruning machine


System Integrated

Form-Trimming-System Integrated To fit into your logistics. Single and multi-system solutions
Single Station

Low cost, flexible to use, for medium/larger pots.

More Single Station

Multi Station High Capacity

High capacity for medium sized pots

More Multi Station

Single station formtrimmer

Single Station

Multi Station formtrimmer

Multi Station

Conical shape trimming machine

Conical Trimmer

Special design for perfect conical trim
Straight shape pruning machine

Rack Trimmer

For "straight" trim in 3 dimensions
form trimming machine round the pot

Round the pot trimmer

Innovative & effective design
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