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Trimming Solutions

RAP horticulture machinery

The unique RAP trimmers offers you flexible knife systems, which can be adjusted to the right size within seconds!

Our machines

rap 10 round pruning machine

RAP 10

Compact spherical trimming machine
Light weight and adjustable from 15 up to 55 cm diameter

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rap 205 form trimming machine

RAP 205

Spherical trimming machine
With its wider and stabile frame suitable for every nursery

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hydraulic form trimmer

RAP 206

Spherical hydraulic trimming machine
Fully hydraulic operation including traction. Developed for large shrubs

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Automatic form trimmer


Automatic trimming machine for pots
High productivity and an adjustable cutting circle. Available in every optimal version

Trimming machine for big pots

LANZ Single/Double

Trimming machine for pots
Efficient and low cost model. Can be used inside and outside.

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Lanz form trimming system

LANZ Multi

Trimming machine for multiple pots
For medium size pots, up to four trimming stations can be tailor made in each warehouse.

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lanz bf1 automatic plant form trimming


Automatic trimming machine for pots
Basic automatic trimmer for medium and large pots. Including blower for removing of the cuttings.

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