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History  EazyCut

EazyCut used to be SuperCut

Since 2000 we are importing EasyCut trimming machines from the far east. In the early days we used the SuperCut NT, but we quickly changed to the EasyCut V8 because of their better quality. This company has more than 90 years experience in trimming, pruning and harvesting.

Tea plucking machine

The EasyCut V8 machines are originally made for tea plucking & harvesting. They are renowned for the excellent cutting quality as they do not damaging the plants. Tea plants prefer a rich and moist growing location, sunny and high elevations. Pruning on the mountain side occurs every one or two week, all year round. The EasyCut V8 / EazyCut trimming machines are very reliable and easy to handle by one or two persons. These qualities are also applicable for other plants.

EazyCut Trademark

We noticed that EasyCut was used for several other applications from a robot laser cutter, industrial saws, lawntrimmers to a hobby knife. In 2007 we changed our name to EazyCut. This year we also introduced our new logo with the blowpipe in the c from EazyCut.

EazyCut stand for a perfect cutting result year after year, 100% collection and easy to handle.

EazyCut Service Network

The EasyCut or EazyCut trimming machines are exclusively available at HortiHands (trademark of PackTTI) or at one of your local dealers. In our WEBSHOP you can order direct spare parts for your EazyCut, Venti and RAP systems. We also carry stock for older models like the SuperCut 2000 NT.

HortiHands is a tradename of Pack TTI bv
International trading company, focussed on supplying innovative mechanisation solutions for the Horticultural, Agricultural and Flower industry.

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